Special Needs Cats

Poseidon: 3 Years Old. Poseidon is a really special guy who came in very sick. He had severe scabies, bilateral ruptured eyes, is FIV+, FeLV+, and has heartworms. The only two things that we can fix have been done! His Scabies is cleared (his fur is still regrowing) and both of his eyes were removed. Poseidon is an EXTREMELY affectionate cat. All he wants is love. He will need to be an ONLY cat and because he is not only FeLV+, but IFA Positive as well, he is expected to live no more than 3 years. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a home… If anything he needs one ASAP so he can enjoy the rest of his life inside, safe, and loved beyond measure. Please contact for more information.

Valkyrie: 1.5 years old. This cat is a hoot and a half! She was previously hit-by-care and needed and FHO (femoral head ostectomy), had a bruised spinal cord, and started suffering from Seizures. She underwent an MRI and thankfully no damage was found in her brain, but her spinal cord was inflamed and bruised. Due to her past injuries she walks with a hip sway which is adorable and MUST be kept on Keppra 3x daily (every 8 hours). She has not had any breakthrough seizures since her last dose increase. She does require a home where someone is there to give her medication every 8 hours, but besides that she is a perfect cat. She LOVES attention, she jumps and plays and climbs just like any cat. Valkyrie is up-to-date on vaccines, microchipped, FIV/FeLV negative, on flea prevention, and dewormed. Available for adoption from foster. Please message for more information.

Zion: 5 Years Old. Zion is the sweetest guy you’ll meet. He loves to be near his humans and if your lap is available he will 100% be on it. Zion had a rough life, he had a hind leg amputation so he is a Tripod and he is FIV+, but none of this changes how sweet and loving this guy is. For being 5 years old he is pretty small too. Must be why he’s so sweet, all that love in a small compact body! Zion can live with other, friendly, FIV negative cats with proper introduction. FIV is only spread through deep bite wound and NOT through sharing of spaces or food/water bowls. It isn’t even spread through co-grooming. Zion does have watery eyes due to having had a virus in the past, but it doesn’t affect his quality of life. He is up-to-date on FVRCP and rabies vaccines, microchipped, FIV+ but FeLV negative, on flea prevention, and dewormed. Available to adopt from foster. Please contact for more information.

Leonidas: 3 Years Old. Leonidas was not treated kindly by humans in the past. He came to us from a kill shelter where he was going to be euthanized because he was paralyzed and had a BB lodged in his spine. He couldn’t pee on his own and required bladder expressions. Of course that meant he had a severe UTI and was peeing straight blood. We took Leonidas and got him the right antibiotics for his UTI and got him to a Veterinary Neurologist a few days after we took him in. There he had the BB removed from his spine and a Hemilaminectomy was performed. After that he had an MRI. The nerves on his right side were unsalvageable, but he did have some unconscious movement in his back legs. Since surgery he has started to stand for short times and even take a few real steps. He is currently going to a Veterinary Rehabilitation center once weekly for Laser Therapy and Electroacupuncture. Both of which will continue to stimulate his nerves. He is currently able to urinate on his own and gets around well. He is available for Foster-to-Adopt where we continue to pay for his rehabilitation, meanwhile he can be in his forever home! Please contact for more information.